Discussion list for camp members in The Hive village

This list is for discussion of The Hive village matters among all (300-ish) campers that are members of theme camps in the village. Here is a great place to make plans of village-level art and layout, share suggestions on how to handle camp-level infrastructure such as kitchens, and offer guidance on how to use village resources.

The Hive village is a collaboration of infrastructure and art for many Boston-area (and affiliated) camps. We traditionally have Esplanade placement, and being a collection of theme camps allows us to most effectively make use of the frontage as well as buffer for some projects perhaps not coming together in time.

Historically, the Boston containers have been within The Hive, which makes retrieving and storing stuff easier than hauling it across the playa.

Independent camping within the village is not allowed; you must be within a theme camp.

Theme camps pay a small fee to cover infrastructure: a large diesel generator, cabling infrastructure, fuel service, fresh water delivery and grey water removal during the event. Camps may make unlimited use of power for public art, and reasonable use for private purposes. (Camp freezers ok, camper air conditioners may require an additional fee to cover fuel or capacity.) This allows the operational cost of power hungry art to be subsidized by the entire village.

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